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​What would you give for the ability to tap into the minds of fellow business owners who can offer you direction based on their life experiences? At Entrepreneurs’ Organization, small groups of like-minded entrepreneur members meet for monthly Forum meetings to facilitate learning and life-changing growth through the sharing of their most intimate personal and business experiences.

On the Forum Confidential podcast, get a taste of EO’s unique peer-to-peer experience sharing program as we highlight EO member stories of inspiration, struggle, innovation and success. Each episode, we’ll travel across the globe to connect with members from different regions as they share the top 5% and bottom 5% of their journey, leveraging their lessons learned to offer unparalleled entrepreneurial support and advice.

Mar 6, 2020

On the eleventh episode of Forum Confidential, we’re boarding the EO Global Jet to take you to the Europe region! Our host, Nir Zavaro from EO Israel will interview fellow EO Israel member Amir Kfir.

Forum mates, Nir Zavaro and Amir Kfir sit down and talk about the impact and principles they use in their businesses that they utilized in Forum.

Timestamped show notes

3:12 Moderator in Forum for the last 20 years
4:30 Undergraduate in Psychology
6:32 Should everyone write a book?
7:52 What matters is what stays after we leave
9:26 What learnings would you give for entrepreneurs who have kids but do need to travel?
12:10 Need to be global, expand themselves relocate often in order to an impact at a significant level of magnitude
13:18 People are really eager to tackle big challenges; when you look around everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and in some way most of them are
15:28 What are the take home values that us small entrepreneurs take from these big organizations?
17:44 If you have a burn rate that is driven by money and salary and you’re not able to move quickly, you’re lost
19:39 Going outside of your Chapter is crucial
20:04 You don’t have to be geographically tied in order to have a group of people that you desire to work with
20:38 That is really taking advantage of the power of this network (EO) that we’re a part of
21:10 As entrepreneurs, knowing when to play second chair is crucial
21:30 There are two things that are important in partnerships that work well
24:37 There’s a lot from Forum that we can take back to our businesses
27:40 The most significant relationships that people remember, even the corporations, is the time when people cared for each other like human beings
30:02 Business at any scale is a fantastic place to apply these principles
32:20 Any quick and dirty advice you can give?
35:18 Is vulnerability a problem in a CEO, Founder, Partner internally and externally?
39:00 Even in an educational event is to learn from each other
43:00 Leverage the knowledge
45:12 Knowledge should transfer from one place to another through technology