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​What would you give for the ability to tap into the minds of fellow business owners who can offer you direction based on their life experiences? At Entrepreneurs’ Organization, small groups of like-minded entrepreneur members meet for monthly Forum meetings to facilitate learning and life-changing growth through the sharing of their most intimate personal and business experiences.

On the Forum Confidential podcast, get a taste of EO’s unique peer-to-peer experience sharing program as we highlight EO member stories of inspiration, struggle, innovation and success. Each episode, we’ll travel across the globe to connect with members from different regions as they share the top 5% and bottom 5% of their journey, leveraging their lessons learned to offer unparalleled entrepreneurial support and advice.

Feb 7, 2020

On this new Forum Confidential episode, we’re boarding the EO Global Jet to take you to Latin America and the Caribbean region! Our host, Gian Marco Palazio from EO Nicaragua, will interview EO EO São Paulo member Daniel Miglorancia.

Timestamped show notes

1:00 Tracy presents Gian Marco Palazio
2:24 Gian Marco Palazio presents Guest Daniel Miglorancia
3:30 Daniel shares with the audience some background about how his professional life started
4:40 Daniel and his wife saw the business in America for the first time and then they bought the franchise for South America
7:19 Working with your partner: healthy work and personal relationship
8:49 “We learned how to give more space to each other. We learned a lot from each other”
10:27 How to achieve a successful family business and results: the most important thing is to be transparent.
13:00 His father’s dream was to give his children a better education than the one he had
15:00 “My door is always open”
16:30 When he was a young adult he started to pay attention to his father-in-law
17:50 Ways to improve in business
18:40 Problems and challenges in his company and a strong wake-up call
20:17 When you have the right partner and the same values everything is different
21:00 A hard experience that opened his eyes
23:00 “I can’t put the savings I have for my life in risk”
26:00 Going global and starting a social impact model
28:00 “If we want to change the world we have to do something about that with our businesses”
29:20 A great experience with Syrian refugees
30:00 My main challenge is not to micromanage anything anymore
32:00 “If we are not continuously stretching ourselves we are going back to that static state”
34:00 The horseback riding story
36:00 When Daniel was a kid everything was all about horses. When he grew up he was obsessed about motors
39:00 Daniel completed his 6th Ironman
40:00 He talks about exercising every day and how this
41:00 Two things that impacted Daniel the most at EO is Gestalt and Warren Rustand and his 10/10/10. 10 minutes to think about all the things that you are thankful for, other 10 minutes to visualizing your day and trying to plan and find your way to making it happen, and the last 10 minutes to read, to find good ideas and think about how to evolve in some areas in your life, get inspired with other people
44:0 Productivity hacks

Daniel’s favorite podcast host