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​What would you give for the ability to tap into the minds of fellow business owners who can offer you direction based on their life experiences? At Entrepreneurs’ Organization, small groups of like-minded entrepreneur members meet for monthly Forum meetings to facilitate learning and life-changing growth through the sharing of their most intimate personal and business experiences.

On the Forum Confidential podcast, get a taste of EO’s unique peer-to-peer experience sharing program as we highlight EO member stories of inspiration, struggle, innovation and success. Each episode, we’ll travel across the globe to connect with members from different regions as they share the top 5% and bottom 5% of their journey, leveraging their lessons learned to offer unparalleled entrepreneurial support and advice.

Feb 21, 2020

On the tenth episode of Forum Confidential, we’re boarding the EO Global Jet to take you to the US West region! Our host, Katty Douraghy from EO San Francisco, will interview EO Seattle member Marc Rousso.

Marc Rousso is the CEO and Captain Vision of JayMarc Homes. In partnership with Jay Mezistrano, he builds luxury custom homes that people can’t help but fall in love with. Based in Mercer Island, Washington, JayMarc Homes is a boutique building firm that builds luxury presale, move-in ready and custom homes in the Greater Seattle, Mercer Island and Eastside areas.

Timestamped show notes

0:58 Tracy Neal presents Forum Confidential Host Katty Douraghy.
2:39 Katty Douraghy presents his guest Marc Rousso.
3:40 Marc explains that he worked as a DJ at weddings.
5:00 He sold the business for $15,000. This was the seed money to buy properties and turn them into rentals.
7:00 It takes one dreamer and one executor to make it happen.
8:40 They became developers in their early 30’s.
9:24 “What is the 1% thing that we do, that no one else do?”
11:30 Face to Face Marketing.
13:00 Our company became really well known for being land developers.
14:00 All of the sudden, the market turned.
15:37 “We never imagined that the recession was going to last 5 years”
18:00 They had a 2 million dollars debt with the bank in 2010.
20:00 “Marc what you need to do is just start small.”
23:00 “One thing you don’t want to do when you raise money, is cry”
25:00 Buy from confidence and trust.
26:44 One bite at a time.
28:30 The emotional struggle.
29:30 “I don’t have a lot of money but I would love to have you as my mentor”
31:00 Who Marc was as a leader.
32:00 “I only had one person that I needed to prove something: myself”
38:00 Stopping growth to be moderate.
40:00 “It was important to have a great customer service. That allowed us to build the brand”
44:00 Everybody wants to be in the Seattle Market Place.
45:00 Brothers relationship. Great team and partnership.
46:00 The importance of authenticity and transparency as a leader.
47:00 One of Marc’s favorite things in Seattle: Ferry boat ride